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“Disappearing and Reappearing” Act

In our company, we have volunteers who we call our water ambassadors. These are people who believe in our vision and mission of clean and safe water in every home and are recruited through varying criterion. The water ambassadors are the face of the company in their respective areas of residence and preferred areas of operation. They educate the populace on matters water, through door to door campaigns and water knowledge dissemination in public and selected areas of interest. And often, we the directors join our ambassadors on the ground to work with them as a team.

Mid this year, we had joined the Nyanza team of ambassadors in their day today activities and Nyanza being our ancestral land, we were staying not in a hotel but in our village home from where we would commute each day to join the different teams within the region. One day we woke up to find a huge insect (not sure it should be classified in that group) by our door step. Actually I had mistaken it for a dry stick and was just about to pick and throw it out of the way when I noticed some movement. Whoa! What a giant of an insect. Within 30 minutes, it had disappeared without a trace. And for the next 3 days we were treated to this appearing and disappearing act.

This reminded us of one interesting client whom we had named “bwana disappearing and reappearing” He had stopped by our tent during water knowledge imparting session in Aram market in Siaya County, and as we explained the effects of drinking unsafe water he became the educator and animatedly started to explain to the crowd how he has for some time been having “disappearing and reappearing” tummy ache and running stomach issues. He was very convinced that the cause was water related as the condition was more severe whenever he was using the water from the farm pond. So convinced was he that we agreed that he takes a water filter home for use and make observation for the 6 days we were to camp in Aram market. If by the end of this period he was more sure that safe and clean drinking water equals better health then he would keep the water filter and become our water ambassador in his area. He took up the challenge and went a step further by coming to the tent every day for two hours to disseminate the water knowledge to many others.

And so “bwana disappearing and reappearing” became and has remained an ardent water ambassador; facilitating the availability of clean and safe drinking water through provision of household water filters to more than five families within two months. Thank you John for believing in, and being part of Japmor Pillar 1; Clean and Safe Water Initiatives

————————-ARR ————————————————————————Journal no.003

————————-ARR ————————————————————————Journal no.003

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