Facility Water Filters

Japmor Terracotta 200

Japmor Fiber 60 CTT

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Japmor Terracotta 200

Naturally clay testing drinking water(Nyungu Taste), the water flows through the pores by water pressure.

over the terracotta disc with pores acting as micro-reservoirs

The ultra-minute capillary openings prevent entry of impurities allowing only water to filter, through. The bigger the bucket the higher flow rate.

This is a 60L table top with high filtration rate that can serve more than 60 people

They are suitable for schools, birthdays and all small functions ” Why buy water and you can manufacture yourself”

Japmor Fiber 60 CTT

Filter connected to two buckets

Technology : 0.01 micron fiber membrane derived from dialysis technology

Flow rate : 3L per min

Maintenance: Back flushing using a syringe

60L Buckets used

All Bacteria and any other pathogens are removed, the top bucket is for dirty water and the lower bucket is for safe and clean collected water.

Collect any kind of water, river, dam, lake, rainy water

Suitable for 30-50 people

Japmor Ceramic 60 CTT

JAPMOR 61_1.jpeg
Japmor CERAMIC.jpg

Japmor ceramic

Dual membranes ceramic filter removes 99.9999% bacteria and 99.99% protozoan cysts,turbidity,rust,algae,other suspended contaminants. o.1 micron filter.

Fresh water e.g. river, lake, well water.

High Flow Rate because of the bucket volume.

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